Muslim guys pick up lines

18. That’s a nice burqa. Can I talk you out of it?
19. I need to break my fast. Can I have a date?
20. I didn’t trip over my robe, I fell for you.
21. I know Halal meat does a body good, but damn, how much you been eatin’
22. Wanna pray in jamaat, shoulder to shoulder, feet to feet?
23. “*guy looks under girls hijab* “sorry, i was looking for the made in jannah tag”

A hilarious post on flirtatious Muslim guys. Read more here.

One thought on “Muslim guys pick up lines

  1. So Brother Harris also known as Rated Writes in Response to this issue:

    I’m not going to blow this out of proportion,
    with a stick or a bomb, but question is
    how would you feel if someone used those lines
    on your sister or mom?
    if you believe, then how can you mock your religion,
    with irresponsible sense of humor blocking your vision,
    don’t tell me I’m too sensitive,
    cause thats rubble and trash,
    its sad to see, brothers and sisters disgrace
    Islam for a couple of laughs,
    would you sell out your deen for a dance and a date,
    while kufr nations eat off the ummah dirty
    hands in the plate,
    our wounds are deep,
    this is salt upon the blister,
    brothers, you know you wouldn’t let a man
    use those lines upon your sister,
    this is what you cheer for?
    is this what we’re here for?
    is this what the sahabah’s shed their
    blood and tears for,
    i cant see the kitchen
    but i can see whats cooking,
    shatan laughing the hardest cause
    this time the jokes on the Muslims,
    how would the children in Palestine feel,
    if they knew you used islam with dirty humor and appeal,
    this is one example of putting shatan above you,
    why you humiliating the only woman that loved you,
    take the jokes back, this aint the path of Allah ,
    a good laugh ain’t worth the mighty wrath of Allah ,
    so how is the Muslim ummah suppose to win,
    when we think we picking up lines
    when we only picking up sin?

    Mashallah, so chill with these “Islamic Pick up Lines”, When it’s time for you to get married, Inshallah Allah swt will take care of you…..

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