Understand The Qur’an, The Easy Way

I received the following as an e-mail, today. I signed up to the course last year, but unfortunately didn’t put in the little effort required to complete it… ahem. It seemed like a rewarding venture though, so i encourage you all to try it out, inshallah.

Note: I have replaced all the ‘@’ symbols in the subscription e-mail addresses, with the word [at], to prevent them being spammed.

In the name of Allah, Most Beneficent, Most Merciful

Announcement for TWO courses:

The month of Ramadaan, the month of Qur’an is fast approaching. Would you like to start learning the Qur’an, the Easy Way and be ready to perform the daily prayers with understanding?

Simultaneously learn almost 100 words which occur 40,000 times in the Qur’an (out of approx. 78,000 words, i.e., more than 50%)!


You will learn the text and the grammar using latest language learning techniques, along with numerous memory, learning, and motivational tips.

The short course is developed by Dr. Abdulazeez Abdulraheem (for more info, visit www.understandquran.com) over decades of practical experience. He presented it in India, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Dubai in more than a dozen cities to thousands of participants including adults and young students from secular schools as well as madrasas.

To join the ENGLISH course, send an email to

To join the URDU course, send an email to

To join MALAYALAM version, send an email to
undestandquran[at]yahoo.ie (The timetable is different there).

To join Hindi version, send an email to

You will receive an email every day containing PowerPoint slides and the notes for that day (2 attachments). There will be links to website for mp3 audio (for mobile) and video (.wmv and .3gp) files to download and watch the lessons. Beautifully designed posters as well as the pocket vocabulary cards (for the short course) will also be there for you to download. In brief, almost everything that you need to create an environment for learning!

The best way to learn is to have passion and partner(s). So, join with your friends and learn in groups. Also, don’t forget to convey this to your family members.

CHILDREN’S COURSE (one email in 3 days):

All of us want our children to the best. The worst disaster of our educational system is it we teach them everything except Qur’an (not just reading but understanding it). You can find 100s of tafaseer written for adults but you don’t find even 5 for children. Here, I am talking of simple Surah’s only, not the whole Qur’an.

We have tried our best to relate these Surahs and Azkar to the day-to-day life of a child. InshaAllah, you will find a number of useful and relevant points to interact with your children and help them become excellent in both worlds, inshaAllah. You can watch the videos and then teach the lessons to your children or watch them together.

Our basic concept behind the presentation to children is: Al-Qur’an is most interesting and the most useful and relevant book for all of us. People present Qur’an to children often in just one sense, i.e., recite it and you will get reward in the Hereafter; for this world, you will get ‘barakah’ (in the most limited sense). Of course, our ultimate goal is Aakhirah and we do want to get the comprehensive ‘barakah’ in every aspect of our life. By following Qur’an, we will be successful in this world too. In fact, Prophet Muhammad pbuh followed this Qur’an and he was the most successful in this world too.

We have highlighted these elements in this course. Now, it is for you to see and give your feedback so that we can enhance it further.

To join the children’s course in English, send an email to

Want to multiply your rewards?
Simple! Forward this email to everyone you know!
His/her learning will add on to your book of deeds, inshaAllah.

May Allah accept our humble efforts.

Jazakumullahu khairan

Abdulazeez Abdulraheem, Understand Qur’an Academy, Hyderabad. Tel. 0091-40-2441-1637

5 thoughts on “Understand The Qur’an, The Easy Way

  1. Where are you based Qahir? I am not sure if there are online courses, but if I know where you are, I can ask around for a class in your area, insha’Allah. E-mail us at editor[at]ijtema[dot]net if you feel more comfortable that way, insha’Allah.

  2. Sir my english is not good that is why i want to know is any software video or audio vocabalary of quran words in urdu example jaala=banaya akala=khaya sharaba=piya
    like than is there any software or website please give me deatails or send me thanking you

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