Islam Tube

The following sites specialize in Islamic video content, and like YouTube, allow you to share your own videos with the world:

If you know of any other useful sites, please leave the address in the comments section of this entry.

Recommended by Ijtema readers:

New to the scene: Halal Tube - Jazakallah to Muslim Matters for the tip!

16 thoughts on “Islam Tube

  1. I just find it kind of sad that they are all mostly portraying (and allowing) only one kind of “Islam” … oh well…

  2. Leena,

    Please elaborate your point. What kind of “Islam” are you talking about? If you read our disclaimer, you will see that we are trying to be “broaden”. BTW, I only know one Islam. The word you are looking for is “view”.

    Thank you for comment

  3. Leena, if you are the same Leena who had the “Secret” cell clip, I must say that it was very good. You have some real talent.

  4. Does that mean i can’t call you four-eyes, anymore? Not that i ever did. Ahem…

    Ooh… what “Secret” cell clip?

  5. P.S., Leena – i’m not sure how much content moderation takes place. seems to be pretty flexible, though i haven’t read the T&Cs for any of the sites.

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