Discover Islamic Art

A Collection of Islamic Art, by Izzy Mo

It’s time that Muslim artists and Islamic Art, got the serious big up on Ijtema, so here are a few links to that effect.

Discover Islamic Art via the Museum With No Frontiers:

Museum With No Frontiers (MWNF) is an organisation whose ground-breaking and visionary programme aims to establish a vast trans-national museum that presents works of art, architecture and archaeology in the context in which they were created. Inspired by the principle of organising exhibitions without moving the works of art, MWNF is creating through modern technology an exciting new dimension to museums. The visitor is invited to experience a museum not only as a place to admire artefacts on display but also as a gateway to related works of art in other museums, relevant archaeological sites and monuments as well as to thematic visits.

The Victoria & Albert Museum also has an educational microsite dedicated to its own Islamic Art exhibit.

Lastly, but definitely not least-ly, check out the blog of the Islamic Artists Society, which provides regular updates about the work of contemporary Muslim artists, as well as a bevy of links to other sites of interest.

Please feel free to name drop other blogs/websites that deal with this subject, in the comments field, below.

5 thoughts on “Discover Islamic Art

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  2. Salaam alaikum,

    Hey, thanks for the big up for Islamic Art! Allahu akbar! May the Islamic Arts Revolution begin! Mwah-ha-haaa!

  3. Assalamu alaikum wrt wbt,

    Ramadan Kareem.

    Inshallah our fasting and prayers will be accepted in this inspiring month of Ramadan,

    As part of an ongoing endeavour to provide venues for Muslimah worldwide, I would like to invite everybody to join,

    This is a restricted site for women only, to share thoughts, expertise, opinion and other social topics relevant to our community. I have set the restriction of viewing the site to members only, and would like your opinion if this is suitable(to respect members’ privacy and ensure only women view the site),

    Please visit the site and request an invitation, and send me an email if you wish to have other sisters invited as well.

    I hope it can complement your efforts in this site as well as others.


    Um Yahya

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