The launch of Ummah Buzz

A social networking site Ummah Buzz has been launched. This comes from Mohib, the founder of Indian Muslims. Hopefully Ummah buzz can develop the community needed to sustain decent traffic. A community is needed because At, top 100 users are responsible for 56% of the stories that reach front page. As he puts it

As the number of bloggers (and consequently Muslim bloggers) increases, the need for niche social bookmarking websites will increase. It is a question of when, not if. That is why I have been thinking of launching Together we can try and give it a shot. Hopefully this one will have a much better fate than Ummah Watch

One thought on “The launch of Ummah Buzz

  1. The website is owned and operated by Ummah Media Group LLC. No affiliation to Mohib or Indian Muslims.

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