10 Ways to Lose a Woman

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Everyone loves a good horror story – and the best always seem to be based on marriage proposals gone bad. Random Ramblings serves up lessons one and two of how to lose a woman (a.k.a. how to remain single for a very long time):

Earlier today I met a friend for coffee, we got talking about the horrors of “getting hitched” these days. I swear, if I had a pound for every creep I met or every freaky story I heard I would probably be a millionaire by now… So, in pure “randomness” style, I’ve decided to share a few of the most bizarre anecdotes with you, really because I know half of you ladies will probably relate to the cr*p out of these experiences, and also in the sheer hope that you guys (please god, please god let them) try to understand what us women find a total and utter TURN OFF…

6 thoughts on “10 Ways to Lose a Woman

  1. I don’t understand the purpose of such topics, flirting is haraam, using lines is haraam. Whoever does an atom of good shall see it and whoever does an atom of bad shall see it.

  2. Please do not misunderstand; this entry was not about “flirting”, but about when a brother comes to see a sister for the purpose of marriage (or vica-versa), accompanied by their families.

  3. Absolutely! Every anecdote is very much a personal experience and one that was actually conducted in the proper Islamic way …I am not advocating flirting in any way. Hope you understand inshallah and jazakallah for pointing that out as well.

  4. @ Dear “few ” commentators,

    with due respect to all ‘un-married’ ladies
    and Gentlemen, what is going on our Subconti’s
    TV, films, cultural events, danse, modern
    feministic mujrahs thru fashion shows and all
    that degrading famous ” feminists secular ” crap is publicized by the celiberations of
    International Women’s Day as if (horse and cattle show ).
    Is it the real picture or tricked colonial
    influential tool utilized to grabe again
    the cultural territory of colonials who have
    not been put to death completely. ?

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