The Heat is On

And when the heat is on, the clothes come off. Mujahideen Ryder has provided some simple but useful advice on how to protect our gaze throughout this summer and beyond.

Lowering gaze is not enough for many Muslims. Lowering your gaze could just be as worse as gazing due to the age we live in where showing 80% of your skin is normal (sadly for both men and women). I think itís time we do more then lowering our gaze. Move our gazes. Control our gazes. The best would be to physically remove our gazes.

This is why I love winter.

2 thoughts on “The Heat is On

  1. I don’t mean to be all feminazi, bro – but I think you should add “men” to the tags, considering that an 80% nekkid guy can be just as much fitna as an 80% uncovered lady. Mostly in a “OmG! I really didn’t wanna see that!” *covers eyes* kind of way! :/

  2. Good point, I’ve added the tag. I suppose it should have been there anyway, since the advice is primarily directed at men. Of course, you’re right that men and women are both vulnerable.

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