Podcast Review: 3D Kabah

Channel Title: 3D Kabah Podcast

Summary: A video podcast giving you a virtual, animated tour of the Kabah and surrounding areas within Masjid al-Haram.

Creator/Host: 3DKabah.com

Supplied Info: This is a video podcast that will feature new and exclusive video animations from the 3D Kabah model. I will try to make the videos as interesting and educational as I can so that they may be useful for anyone out there that wants to use them for non-profit use.

Last Podcast (title, date, info): Saee Preview, 05/03/2008, The 3D Kabah model now includes the area between the hills Safa & Marwah. This will be used, Inshallah, to create a full Umrah tutorial over the next few months. This current podcast consist of a preview of the Saee area.

Podcast of Interest (title, date, info): The Kabah – A Tour, 09/02/2008, This is the third video in the 3D Kabah podcast series. In this video we take a tour around the Kabah. Stopping to see the Black Stone, The Kabah door, the Hijr Ismael, the water spout and the Yemeni corner. This video will allow you to get a sense of where these things are in relation to each other, and in relation to the Kabah.

Overall Review: This week’s podcast put me in a bit of a pickle. Being that it is an animated vcast, I wasn’t sure whether to file this post under “video”, “artwork”, or under the normal header of “podcast review”… in the end, what really matters is that this podcast rocks, masha’Allah! I won’t bother repeating the descriptions above – just check out the amazing 3D rendered models of the Kabah, and Masjid al-Haram. An excellent resource for those planning to go on Hajj or Umrah, insha’Allah.

Recommended audience: Everyone!
Music warning: the videos contain some background percussion.

Score: 8.5/10

Subscribe to Podcast: iTunes link ; non-iTunes link

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