Watch A Video: Win A Scholarship!

Via sisters Izzy Mo and Aaminah:

Umm Zakiyya is a mother of two, a Katrina survivor, an active community member and student of knowledge (Islamic and secular). She is currently enrolled for an MA in English, and refuses riba-based loans, so she and her husband are paying out-of-pocket for her education.

Umm Zakiyya has created a short video starring Zakiyya for a scholarship opportunity. The video that gets the most views gets the scholarship. So we can help simply by taking 2 minutes to go watch this sweet little video, and by sharing this with others inshaAllah.

“You can help me win a scholarship just by watching this
video. The entry that secures the most views will win a $5,000
scholarship. All you have to do is view the video, available at this
link.  If you want to help even more, you can forward this video to
everyone you know. Every view helps. If you have a blog, facebook,
myspace page or website, I would certainly appreciate a link.”

3 thoughts on “Watch A Video: Win A Scholarship!

  1. assalam alaikum

    Do you have direct contact with Umm Zakiyya, HalfDate would like to confirm if it’s okay to promote her on a large scale, please let us know.

    I went through the official rules of the context, not sure based on what one can get more number of views?

    Jazakum Allahu khaira for sharing

  2. I don’t have personal contact, but the sisters I have linked to (Izzy Mo and Aaminah) do, so please contact them, insha’Allah.

  3. Asalaamu alaikum.

    To my understanding Umm Zakiyya is allowed to ask for views however she desires. So if other people post on their blogs or email it around to people they know, that is fine.

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