Not Another Marriage Topic!

“Yes, another marriage topic!” says our own iMuslim. She’s sharing an interesting idea from a friend, to help ease the “Is it a yes? Is it a no?” confusion in the marriage proposal hunt!

Now, how we do it in my community, is that after some initial discussion between parents and go-betweens over the phone, the guy and his family comes round to visit the girl and her family. After munching on samosas and tea for anywhere between 10 minutes to an hour, the girl and the guy usually get to spend some time with one another to ask questions. Depending on the family and their customs, they may sit alone in an open part of the house, or sit in the corner while their family pretends not to listen in.

After this ‘interview’ period, the guy goes back to his family, there may be some more samosa munching, but usually the boy’s family goes home soon after.

What follows is usually an agonising wait while the guy’s family makes their decision. It might be a day. It might be a week. They may never respond (yes, it happens! How rude?). True, it is only agonising if the girl is actually interested… else, who cares, right? Anyway, this whole waiting period usually results in unnecessary stress for the girl’s family, which may lead to squabbling and other unpleasantness.

But, there is another way, my friends.

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