Vaseem Mohammed


Sorry, Sorry, Sorry, Sorry….I know this post is a day late – I kind of lost track of time!

On that note, I going to cut to the chase.  The artist I have chosen for this week is Vaseem Mohammed.

Vaseem has always been interested in the shapes, textures and atmospheres of his urban childhood. After access courses in Art & Design, Graphics and Creative Computing & Illustration, he freelanced in graphic design and furniture renovation with Islamic inspired decoration, through which he found his niche in fine art, his field for the past 11 years.

After 4 years at Spitalfields market in east London, Vaseem opened his own gallery in the creative hub of Cheshire Street in London, and continues to regularly exhibit his work.

Vaseem’s most distinctive feature appears to be his childhood appreciation of form, colour, and texture. Additionally, there appears to be a recurring symbolism of juxtaposition- archaic eastern architecture and Islamic calligraphy from past eras, confronts modernist, western abstract style of painting; the rich beauty of the natural world through vibrant opalescent colours and awing space, contrasted against the deterioration and irresponsibility of humanity’s world.

Go to his website to see more of his work.

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