Niqab (Face Veiling) Is Islamic

Dervish on the recent order for a Muslim woman in Canada to remove her niqab during her testimony in court, and she tells you that the Niqab  is Islamic whether you like it or not.

To quote:

For someone like myself (an Anglo-Celtic convert), the veil is also a manifestation of Muslim identity where skin-colour, ethnicity and language do not link me to Muslim identity. I do not wear the face-veil much in the West (I have from time-to-time) only because it is often interpreted as threatening to non-Muslims who misunderstand it. But I have to confess I do like the privacy that the face-veil offers me, and I am comfortable in drawing on a long history of Islamicity of face-veiling as a manifestation of the positive virtue of haya’ (bashfulness). As a feminist, I completely reject that any man has a right to tell me I cannot wear it, or that my wearing it is
not Islamic. It may not be particular interpretation of the religion, but he does not have the right to tell me how to interpret my religion for myself.

4 thoughts on “Niqab (Face Veiling) Is Islamic

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  2. salam sister
    im a revert from the last 1 year
    i wear a hijab all the time,
    i want to wear niqab and my husband hates it when i wear it and i work at a call centre im the only one who wears a hijab at work and dont know how to be comfortable wearing niqab to u have any suggestions for me??

  3. face veiling was obligatory only for the prophet’s pbuh wives. a lot of women wearing face veils have been caught stealing where i live. faces are your identity. and your skin colour shows the diversity of islam spanning across races. you could never identify a person if they covered their faces. wearing a niqab is not a sign of bashfulness as you state, wearing a hijab and being dressed modestly is. your niqab is an excuse for you to hide what sins and good deeds allah shows on a person’s face. faces indicate to us trust or suspicion. may allah pity you and guide you on the straight path.

  4. As salaamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi ahkwaat. Do you have any proofs for the claims you make, Asma? Just curious.

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