Goodbye, for Now

Salaam dear readers,

IJTEMA is in crisis. We tried to come up with solutions, but we have failed so far. The model that we work on- reading a ton of blogs, selecting a few of them, posting them and finding relevant image is a very time consuming process. We are not even sure how much we have achieved, looking at our site meter. It would seem that the model of IJTEMA is a failure.

We also had constant attrition in memebers leaving the group because of their other, “real life” obligations- as IJTEMA duty takes quite some time. And it is not even clear what was being achieved. We had trouble getting new recruits, as we did not write much ourselves, but promoted others’ writings.

The IJTEMA photo contest that we had, two years ago was a success, and I look back at that wistfully. We were unable to do something similar this year.

So we have decided to shut down the normal operation of IJTEMA for the time being. We do not want the brand that we have made to get lost, so the site will be there for some time, inshaAllah. Also because we want the archives to be available, at least for some time.

We are also planning to have a blog directory. InshaAllah it will be completed.

In the meantime, if you want something of your own writing to be published here at IJTEMA, please do forward it to editor AT ijtema DOT net

Therefore, allow me to say JazakAllah khair to our group members, the writers and to our readers for staying around all these years when we were experimenting with IJTEMA, and inspiring us. We hope to be back, one day, when we have another idea worth experimenting with. InshaAllah that time it will be a success.

8 thoughts on “Goodbye, for Now

  1. wslms

    you guys should maybe restrategy and make posting quicker and easier?

    Leave out the image bit.

    I use google reader & blogdesk to easily post new content on my website.

    Let me know on your blog directory though!

  2. I believe there are websites which run scripts and they are able to post feeds of interesting articles automatically by searching the web without much effort. Ijtema should look into that technology.

  3. JAK, friends for your suggestions.

    naeem: If we can finish it, we shall let you know, iA.

  4. Assalamu Alaikum,

    Stumbled across you guys, what a shame you’ve run into difficulties…please please try and rectify this situation! We need something like this cos there are SO many blogs out there, and seems that a place where stories and news are shared would be pretty cool. I’d love to write for you guys, oh and see my name im-pixelated too :)

  5. Assalamualaikum,

    I agree, it is a very time consuming effort as I have a blog of my own- but at the end of it, it is very satisfying. I commend all of you who give your time to such causes. Inshallah, I do not doubt that one day you will be back and would have restrategized and will over come your hardships soon. :)

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