Ramadan Mubarak and Ijtema Updates

As-Salamu Alaikum dear readers

As you have noticed, IJTEMA has been silent for the past half year or so. However, as promised, we had been working behind the scene on our next service. It derives from the same IJTEMA philosophy- sharing good content.

In preparation for the forthcoming launch of our latest service, we launched a new Facebook page, and Twitter stream.

To find out more, please stay tuned on Facebook and Twitter. If enough of you join the fan page on Facebook, we can register for a decent shortcut (i.e., facebook.com/ijtema). So please become a fan NOW!

We shall make the final announcements very soon, inshaAllah.

Please remember IJTEMA and the whole Ummah in your Du’a in this blessed month.

7 thoughts on “Ramadan Mubarak and Ijtema Updates

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  2. Haha, this new theme was just to salvage the site. The old theme code got some bugs.

    Only few days left till the launch, iA.

  3. Assalam wa alaikum brother,
    It is been long waiting on action on Ijtema.Quick suggestion , I came across wordpress P2 theme that is really useful for collaborative blogging.Details at http://p2theme.com/.Let me know If I can contribute.

  4. Now you know how to help us. :) Please submit your website at the directory so that the listing is comprehensive, inshaAllah.

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