About Us

What is IJTEMA?

Ijtema is the Arabic word for “congregation” or “gathering”. The aim of the editors at IJTEMA is to gather together the best of the Muslim blogosphere in one place, as a showcase of what we truly believe to be, real Muslim voices, and real Muslim talent.

Why are you doing this?

Because we have no choice.

The mainstream media seems to have an agenda: to propagate the idea of a supposed ‘Clash of Civilisations’. The most vocal elements on both sides of the camp – those who are for or against this idea – are mainly non-Muslim; it seems that the Muslim community has lost its ability to reach out. In the meantime, a handful of media moguls gets to choose what the West (or, in fact, the rest of planet Earth) hears about Islam, and our Ummah. And sure enough, the likes of Bin-Laden (who, incidentally, are disliked by most of Muslim World) come across loud and clear.

This kind of misrepresentation makes us mad, uneasy, and restless.

True Islam calls to the middle path, but the voice of this middle path has been lost amongst all the hype; we aim to find it, and be its mouthpiece, with God as our Guide.

How often do you publish?

We aim to publish 3-5 new articles every day, on a variety of subjects regarding Islam and the Muslims, depending on what we find.

No articles are published on Jumu’ah (Friday), due to the importance of this day of worship.

Y’know, our jobs could be made a lot easier, with the help of you, the readers.

Us? How can we help?

Well, first and foremost, we would really appreciate your prayers.

Otherwise, if you’re a Muslim that likes to get around on the web, then you are more than likely going to come across a few gems on your blog travels. When you do, let us know, and you could see your name in pixels. You can even send in your own work. Don’t worry, we won’t question your modesty.

Also, please feel free to link to us if you have a website and/or blog – you can find some funky IJTEMA buttons here.

Great! But who are you guys, anyway?

To know who we are, and what we do (yes, we have day jobs), check out the contributors page.

The website is great, Mash’Allah! Who designed?

The heavily talented sister Shazia Mistry collaborated with our group member iMuslim to design the theme. The header was designed by brother Teakstar.

Anything else?

Yes, actually. Please check out our disclaimer page, when you have the chance.