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What is IJTEMA?

Ijtema is the Arabic word for “congregation” or “gathering”. The aim of the editors at IJTEMA is to gather together the best of the Muslim blogosphere in one place, as a showcase of what we truly believe to be, real Muslim voices, and real Muslim talent.

Why are you doing this?

Because we have no choice.

The mainstream media seems to have an agenda: to propagate the idea of a supposed ‘Clash of Civilisations’. The most vocal elements on both sides of the camp – those who are for or against this idea – are mainly non-Muslim; it seems that the Muslim community has lost its ability to reach out. In the meantime, a handful of media moguls gets to choose what the West (or, in fact, the rest of planet Earth) hears about Islam, and our Ummah. And sure enough, the likes of Bin-Laden (who, incidentally, are disliked by most of Muslim World) come across loud and clear.

This kind of misrepresentation makes us mad, uneasy, and restless.

True Islam calls to the middle path, but the voice of this middle path has been lost amongst all the hype; we aim to find it, and be its mouthpiece, with God as our Guide.

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  2. Ask a Question
    First of all I want to thank the Ijtema.net . I’m preparing a TV Commercial about our prophet Moahammed (PBUH), that lasts about 3 minutes. To do this work , I based on Visual effects and 3D Animations but I need short sequences of video and music reserved of rights and they are free on the net. My question is : Is it possible to use sequences of movies( don’t last more than 4 second) and music which are free on the net (free download)?. I look forward to your response.
    Yours Sincerely.

  3. Welcome Akila. In response to your question: it depends on the type of license the owner of the material has applied to their work. It may be free for personal use, but still subject to copyright, in which case, you would need to first contact the owner, and ask for permission.

    If the material is covered by a Creative Commons license, there is more freedom, but you would need to determine what kind of CC license it is. You can read up more about it here: http://creativecommons.org

    Basically, unless the owner has clearly stated that the material is free to use, it is best to contact him/her, and ask permission.

  4. I’m an American, from the great Midwest. Over here, we recognize the war being waged against us and Western Civilization by islam. America is not New York or Los Angeles. NO PERSON I know sees islam in a positive light, but rather as a bloodthirsty, regressive, barbaric cult bent on world domination thru mass murder and genocide. In light of all the murderous attacks worldwide, this is indisputable. Islam will not succeed here, we are well armed and will resist until the last muslim. God forbid a nuclear attack on the USA, the president, even the muslim Obama, will be forced to destroy a billion muslims overnight, light up the mideast and Indonesia so to speak, death from above, or else he will be impeached. Americans will fucking DEMAND MASSIVE RETALIATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, previousely reserved only for the Soviet Union. Islam had better recognize the danger, and the risk of annihilation. Have a good day there pardner, and ask the city fathers of Hiroshima and Nagasaki how that battle to the death thing worked out for them.

  5. This is directed to the maniac, Michael. Instead of talking behind a computer and a screen name, why don’t you come out and say that in public. I suppose cowards like are only verbal-warriors and can’t do much in real life. (other than living a life of materialism and getting into debt till you reach your graves).

  6. Salaam, IJTEMA and/or all Muslim webmasters everywhere:
    The Muslims have forgotton the rituals of Prophet thats why today Islam is suffering; but the Saviour is there for Islam’s salvage, no worry!
    Now, the wrong Islam presented by the Gulf Countries should be halted and their Leaders MUST be removed and achieve the real Islam True Face to this ignorant world as a whole.
    Go back 1430 years back and read what our Prophet, the true presenter of Islam told us to do in our lives to the end of this world is HOLD ONTO QURAN AND HIS PROGENY.
    Thats’ it…..solves the problems in this world and harmony will follow!!?
    Is so called Muslims of this entire world ready to obey HIS order and show love to Islam and GO BACK with bright face!!? will remain a question?
    This will help the Saviour to come and show up and lead.

  7. Assalam-mualikum-waramatulahe -wabrekhathuhu

    Dear brother or sister in Islam,

    Firstly, I would like to take this opportunity in thanking your organization for it involvement in all Islamic related issues.

    I am a writer from a non-English speaking background, currently residing in Sydney, Australia. I have written a manuscript covering topics and subject matters relating to politics, religion, history, racism, terrorism, and current world events.

    A Christian editor and a Jewish proofreader have edited my manuscript. However, I have had some differences with them regarding issues over Christianity, Judaism, and Westerners, and as a result have found that they have not done a good job.

    I am trying therefore to find a Muslim editor or proofreader who may be able to assist me in bringing my manuscript up to the publishing level.

    What I have found though, is a disturbing situation with many Islamic organizations and Muslim writers associations not bothering to reply to me, which contrasts with non-Muslims I have been in contact with who showed professional etiquette by replying to my enquiry, even praising my work and wishing me success with my endeavors.

    Faced with this situation, it has made me wonder why we (Muslims) do not show each other this same courtesy. In the 6th century, we Muslims led the world scientifically and academically, yet today we are way behind. Is there are logical reasons for this? Could it be that we do not support our brothers and sisters with encouragement and advice on matters, which would improve us individually?

    If you /your organization is in position to help me find an editor or proofreader, I would very much appreciate you pointing me in the right direction.

    I intend self -publishing this manuscript, and my main targeted audience will be readers from Western countries especially the US, Therefore this manuscript needs to be edited in American English and usage. Inshallah, I believe you may be able to help me.

    May Allah give all Muslims wisdom, intelligence, and great capabilities to compete with the Jews and Christians.

    Thanks in advance.

    Your brother in Islam,

    Shahid Martin


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