Want a New Brass Crescent?

A few reactions have been extreme, and others receptive. Brass Crescent has been doing an excellent job by awarding deserving bloggers with the honour and obviously there will be opposition when you have a sizeable blogosphere. The Muslim blogosphere is definitely not huge and choosing the same blogs year after year doesn’t help the case either. (I say this on my personal experience in sieving through blogs for nearly a year now)

There are a few things which obviously need to amended:

1. For example, Ali Eteraz was chosen, yet his blog is some of the worst Modernist Baatilism, vomited by Shayton, regurgitated from Eteraz’s Jinni Qareen, then lapped up by the worst “modernist” westerners to have plagued the Muslims in this century. [Abul Layth]

2. Two of the blogs nominated in the Best Design category have free WordPress themes (with a slight modification in one) installed. Where is the design?

3. Like some bloggers (e.g., Abu Layth), I’m a bit disappointed with the picks this year, finding the overall mix a bit ideologically lopsided (even if it’s in my camp’s favour). Quite a few brilliant, scholarly bloggers inexplicably went unmentioned. (Was most of the Islamophere in khalwa or something during the 1st round of voting?) It’s odd. [Akram]

4. Best Female Blog- “Nzingha is “honest and insightful” about Saudi Arabia, but “never makes Islam look bad in the process.” Plus, “she’s hilarious.”

I mean, what? Somebody honest and insightful automatically carries a significant chance of making Islam look bad?

These guys need a break. [Manas]

I wonder why South Asia and Middle East need a special category, while Europe and US don’t. Are these blogs incompetent to compete in the Best Blog category? Well, the truth of the matter is that Pakistaniat (a group blog) gets more visitors in a day than those ‘elite’ blogs get in a month, and it’s in the same category as Adnan’s (a personal blog) blog! Pakistaniat competing with Indian Muslim Blog would have at least made the competition even, but then…

I think its time to change.

Fear of Mosques

He remarked on a blogged video (politico.com) that there are “too many mosques in this country, there’s too many people who are sympathetic to radical Islam.”

And the response

If so, it is probably the case that most of these converts are coming from Christianity, since we have few openly “pagan” groups around to evangelize. Does King think that Americans are attracted to Islam because it gives them an option to legitimize violent behavior and say “God said it was okay”?

Moro on tasbir

The Muslimwood movie script

Satirical Muslim has the perfect hackneyed script

You need at least one American Agent who is male and one who is female. She’ll have to veil when in Arab territory (this will make her look exotic because she’ll be wearing something that appears to have come out of 1001 Arabian Nights. American Agent Man will pretend he doesn’t notice how hot she is and offer lame quips. A lot). Importantly, these American Agents will follow their own rule books if ya know what we mean.