What Do Muslims Think? Use Our Custom Search Engine to Find Out!

Have you ever wanted to gauge Muslim opinion on various issues? Perhaps you’re interested in their thoughts on the recent Swiss minaret ban, or the Danish Cartoon crisis?

Whether you’re researching an article, want to find like-minded people, or are simply curious, the Muslim Bloggers Directory can help!

Open the directory, and you should see a box in the left-hand sidebar, titled: “SEARCH BLOGS”. Enter your search term into the form, click “GO”, et voila! You’ll be presented with relevant search results that have been derived from the database of 600+ (and growing!) Muslim blogs listed on the directory.

The aim of the custom search engine is to promote real Muslim opinion, and encourage discussion, debate and dialogue. Everyone is welcome to use it; especially those who wish to improve the representation of the Muslim community within mainstream media.

As the site grows, so too will the range and diversity of the Muslim voices promoted by our search feature. Therefore we ask that you please continue to submit your favourite Muslim blogs to the directory.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Muslim Bloggers Directory Launched!


Assalamu ‘alaykum dear friends of Ijtema.net!

It’s finally here… an exciting, new development from the Ijtema team… the Muslim Bloggers Directory!

The Muslim Bloggers Directory is a categorised collection of links to Muslim blogs, vlogs, and other multimedia channels, with a custom search engine allowing visitors to search through the actual contents of listed sites. It is open to submissions from the public… and it is entirely FREE!

Come on over and see if your site has been listed. If not, submit it today, and become part of the Ijtema community! Visit the FAQ page to learn more about the directory and how to use it, including how to claim an existing entry.

We hope to see you there soon!

We Need Your Help

As Salamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahe wa Barakatuhu

We need your help.

It’s not money. We need something more. We need your participation.

The Islamosphere has grown considerably over the time since IJTEMA was first launched almost two years ago in March 2007.  In size, scope and quality. It has become very difficult for us to keep track of the new pots that are coming up every minute.

We need your help in keeping Ijtema at it’s best. Please share with us the posts you like- including your own. The post you like is publicized, you also gain a link as a hat-tip, and Ijtema benefits. Only with your active help, can we hope to bring you the best.

A Ijtema blog directory is just in the offing. We shall need your help in making that directory a useful resource, inshaAllah.

Please go here and drop us a tip.

JazakAllah khair in advance.

-IJTEMA team.

Brass Crescent Awards: Ijtema Nominated!

Alhamdulillah, Ijtema.net has made the final round of this year’s Brass Crescent Awards, under the category: Best Group Blog. JazakumAllah khair to all of those who nominated us!

Voting to select the category winners is open until the 19th December, 2008.

So, umm… if you like what we do… you know what to do! {grin}

Best wishes to all the other nominees!

Etidal Abdullah: Help Find Missing Muslim Woman

There is currently an online campaign to help find a young Muslim woman, Etidal Abdullah, who has been missing since last Friday, September 5th. Please pray for her safe return, and help in whatever way you can, especially if you are from the area:

Friends and family of 21-year-old Etidal Abdullah are asking your help in finding the missing woman.

She was last seen on September 5, 2008 around 2:30 pm in the Save-A-Lot parking lot on Abbott Road in Lackawanna, NY.

Etidal is described as being 5 feet tall and an approximately 95 lbs.

Her family is offering a $15,000 reward for any information leading to her whereabouts.

Anyone with information is asked to call the

Lackawanna Police Department at 716-822-4900 or the tip-line at 716-563-0081

or email at findmydaughter[at]gmail.com

Ramadan Kareem & Short Story Contest

Assalamu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullah

The team at Ijtema.net wish all of our readers a wonderful and fulfilling Ramadan!

If you have an interesting and inspiring story to share about this sacred month, why not submit it to the MuslimMatters.org Ramadan short story contest? There are some great prizes on offer, so do check it out, as the deadline is 15th September!

Blog About Palestine Day – May 15th 2008

In order to support “Blog About Palestine” Day, the editors of Ijtema.net would like to highlight the best entries from this event on the site, insha’Allah. So if you are planning to join in, please remember to forward us the link to your post on May 15th. You can e-mail us at editor[at]ijtema[dot]net, with the subject “Blog About Palestine Day“, or leave a comment on this page: http://ijtema.net/blog-about-palestine-day/

From the Facebook event page:

Help raise awareness about the Palestinian plight and the everyday experiences of an average Palestinian. On May 15th 2008, right an article or a blog post that is related Palestine or the Palestinians in any way.

It does not have to political, it could talk about the past, present, or future. It could talk about social issues, economical issues, political issues, even about art. You could talk about how do people go about their day lives, how do they travel, how do they go to school, how do they live ..etc. You could talk about your parents’ or grandparents’ memories of the Nakba of 1948, or about the life in forced exile, or about outlooks for possible peaceful resolutions.

You don’t have to be a Palestinian or an Arab to participate. You could offer your views as a non-Palestinian on the issue. We just seek to get the word out and inform people about us.

Please spread the word about this initiative – click here for some cool blog buttons and banners.

Welcome to Ijtema 2.0!

In the Name of God, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

March 2007 saw the launch of Ijtema.net – a service aiming to promote the true voice of the Muslim community, in an effort to combat the Islamophobic diatribe that regularly floods the results pages of your typical Islam-related Google search. To this end, the editorial team turned to a relatively untapped source of Muslim opinion and debate: the blogosphere, bringing our readers a daily selection of well-written and insightful entries.

One year on, however, it has become obvious that relying on the written word alone is not the best way to engage the short attention spans of the up-and-coming “YouTube generation”. Thus, to celebrate our first anniversary, we decided to treat the site to a makeover, aiming to relaunch with a variety of new, and eye-catching multimedia content, including photography, videos and podcasts.

Our first challenge was to familiarize ourselves with a completely different breed of Muslim blogger – those who express themselves in imagery, rather than print – hence, the inspiration behind the Ijtema.net photo contest (click here for the results!).

Next, we worked to bring you the best of the Islamic videosphere and Art world, by collaborating with ‘experts’ in these fields: namely the hard-working guys down at HalalTube.com, and the Muslim artist Teakster, who has been a great help in judging and organising the photo contest. Our own team member, sister iMuslim, will be making full use of her latest iPod by taking care of the Audio and podcast side of things, insha’Allah. Finally, the rest of the crew will continue in their original roles of sifting through the Muslim blogosphere, in search of interesting articles that they feel are worth sharing.

With all that in place, what now remains is the long-term challenge of bringing you, the readers, inspiring content that covers the spectrum of multimedia creativity; and with Allah’s help, everything is easy.

So please feel free to navigate the new features of the site, give us your feedback, and help us to spread the beauty of Islam by telling others about this initiative, and by sending in your tips.

Huge thanks to Shazia Mistry who did an excellent job redesigning the new site, masha’Allah, based on the Visionary template. Also to Teakster for producing our very first official logo!

May Allah accept our endeavours, and grant His Peace, Mercy and Blessings to us all. Ameen.