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Observed Trends in the Muslim Blogosphere

Originally posted at MuslimMatters.org

With the Brass Crescent Awards coming to a close, and the launch of the new Muslims Bloggers Directory, I feel it’s a good time to take a closer look at the world of Muslim blogging.

I’ve had the honour of working on several online initiatives alongside MuslimMatters these past couple of years. In particular, the website Ijtema.net, which, since its launch back in 2007, has aimed to promote the ‘best of the Muslim blogosphere’.

Our initial approach to achieve this goal was to act as a type of human filter of the Islaminet: our team of editors would link to Muslim-authored content that we found interesting, in the hope that our readers would too. I guess that they did, as we were nominated for a BCA last year under the category “Best Group Blog” – though we were beaten by some unknown entity called “MuslimMatters.org”. Anyone ever heard of them?

However, as the number of Muslim blogs we followed became greater and greater, and the spare time of our editors became less and less, we knew we could not sustain our efforts for much longer. We decided to close the site, albeit temporarily, and focus on a new, hopefully more efficient strategy.

That eventually led to the launch of the Muslim Bloggers Directory – a freely accessible, categorised collection of links to Muslim blogs, vlogs, and other multimedia channels, with a custom search engine allowing visitors to search through the actual content of listed sites.

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Christie’s Islamic Art Auction

I just heard that Christie’s of London have a huge collection of Islamic & Indian Art up for auction on Tuesday, 7th October 2008.


For those of you who can’t make it down to see the pieces in person before they go under the hammer (not literally, of course!), check out the collection online – 441 lots in total; their biggest ever collection of Islamic art, apparently.

A nice opportunity to find some unique, belated Eid gifts, perhaps? As long as you have a spare, few thousand pounds lying around!

Eid Greetings!

The Ijtema.net team wish our readers a wonderful Eid! May Allah accept our good deeds, Ameen.

And just to help you keep up the Ramadan spirit all year round, insha’Allah, check out this awesome series of short posts on how to realise the true beauty of Salat. Eleven posts on, and I think it’s still being updated! Subhanallah.

Dua Power! Prayers for Ramadan & Happiness

I am surprised that we have yet to plug DuaPower.com on Ijtema… but alhamdulillah, here we go!

Here at DuaPower.com, we strive to bring to you without any compromise the best, well known and authentic duas you can ever find. Using the latest technology, to show you the beauty of reading, memorising and using these divine supplications.

At the moment, they have two dua packs available for free download & dissemination:

Gate of ar-Rayyan – a pamphlet with all of the duas from the authentic Sunnah for Ramadan.

Muslim Prayers of Happiness – a pamphlet of all the duas from the authentic Sunnah for times of distress, sorrow and anxiety.

Sacred Street Art

This video gave me chills… inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi rajiun.

A powerful account of the graffiti mural created in the Bronx New York, a memorial for Mougasa and Soumare families, many of whom died in an apartment block fire in March 2007.

Graffiti artist Mohammed Ali, from the UK works alongside the local Bronx community to create a tribute to the family.

Hat tip to MR.

Watch A Video: Win A Scholarship!

Via sisters Izzy Mo and Aaminah:

Umm Zakiyya is a mother of two, a Katrina survivor, an active community member and student of knowledge (Islamic and secular). She is currently enrolled for an MA in English, and refuses riba-based loans, so she and her husband are paying out-of-pocket for her education.

Umm Zakiyya has created a short video starring Zakiyya for a scholarship opportunity. The video that gets the most views gets the scholarship. So we can help simply by taking 2 minutes to go watch this sweet little video, and by sharing this with others inshaAllah.

You can help me win a scholarship just by watching this
video. The entry that secures the most views will win a $5,000
scholarship. All you have to do is view the video, available at this
link. If you want to help even more, you can forward this video to
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Are You Still Single?

If so, Shaikh Yaser Birjas invites you to join the Marriage Revolution! Watch the video for more info.

FYI, this is the 1000th post on Ijtema.net! Alhamdulillah! Who knew we’d come this far? It has been an amazing journey for the Ijtema team. May Allah continue to help and guide us, so we can safely reach the next millenary milestone, Ameen.