Sheep to the Slaughter

Khalid guides us through the streets of Libya and the annual marketplace for the Eid-ul-Adha sacrifice. He also provides us with some guidelines around the requirements of the sacrifice.

Sheep were jam-packed inside wire fences, dealers were trying their best to convince people that their sheep are the most excellent, some were yelling “here are the healthy ones!”, “here are the sheep that have never eaten fodder!”, “here are the sheep that have grown up in wilds!”…

Meccan Chronicles

As the days of Hajj once again draw near, Ibrahim of From Clay looks back on his experiences of the Holy City of Makkah:

There is something addictive about Makkah and its environs. I sensed it, a sliver of comprehension of what draws people to it. It is “home” in a primordial sense, no matter what race or former tradition a pilgrim comes from. This may rub people the wrong way, but there’s subtle “proof” in this rite and venue. Abstractions and platitudes take form. Real comes within reach.

Hajj & Umrah Reviews

(Source – Saad Malik) is a comprehensive online database of Hajj and Umrah ratings and reviews. They also have their own blog which serves as a positive outlet for Muslims to share their pilgrimage experiences with others:

[T]he aim of this blog is to serve Muslims along their journey to and from the Ka’baa. By sharing your stories, advice, pictures and videos, you have the ability to teach countless Muslims across the globe. You can also learn about this revered act of worship through featured videos, related articles and reviews of various resources.

The Spiritual Qualities of Hajj

Sadiq Alam touches on the beauty, the amazement, and the mystery of the journey of a lifetime, Hajj.

Father of three major monotheistic faith, Abraham’s prayer was heard and accepted by God indeed. From hundreds of years, millions of peoples’ heart are made to yearn towards the sacred symbolic house, Kaaba where people go for sacred pilgrimage. Towards the middle of this month more than 2 million people will be gathering there to answer the call of the their heart’s yearning & longing to visit the sacred place of pilgrimage.

Sadiq also provides many relevant links to help appreciate the experience.