Etiquettes of On-Line Advice

Writeous Sister offers comprehensive guidelines on the adab / etiquettes of on-line advice.

InshaAllah, through a little bit of thought, we can save alot of hurt feelings between brothers and sisters. While we all think that giving nasiha is something we have to do, there are specific adab issues involved and we really should consider whether we are qualified to be giving advice. Time, place, and other matters come into play when factoring in the appropriateness of giving nasiha and we must think about these things in advance.

The Muslimah

A new site, The Muslimah, has been created to help Muslim women better themselves. From the author’s own introduction:

The intent of this site is to offer encouragement to each other, as Muslim women, to better ourselves internally & externally, making Allah the goal of our entire lives. It is as Labid, the famous arab poet that our Beloved Messenger, Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) quoted, said:

‘Everything, save Allah, is batil (null)!’

There are many things to come, with Allah’s Help. Stay tuned! Suggestions are always welcomed!

The site is just starting up, so all sisters should keep your eyes peeled for updates.

Real Cost of Prisons, Weblog.

Salaam everyone.

I want to introduce; both the Muslims and Non-Muslims:

Real Cost of Prisons Weblog

A blog dedicated to Daily News related to mass incarceration mainly in the US and other countries. Since more and more inmates in the US jails convert to Islam, it is a good place to see how the Western media reacts to. But the purpose of this blog (and main site, click here) is to inform the public the impact of mass incarceration in the US.

Here are few examples:

Wall Street Journal: Profits for Private Jailers

New Zealand Herald: Inside America’s packed Gulags

And some articles on Islam/Muslims.

A Reminder for Muslim bloggers

Haseeb reflects on his years of blogging, and offers some important reminders and advice for all Muslim bloggers.

So to my fellow bloggers out there, lets try our best to spend our time blogging efficiently and share matters that will be of benefit to our readers and not cause disunity and argumentation, or be nothing more than a “waste of time”. We have a responsibility to at some degree, educate our readers and hopefully increase the level of dialogue and awareness about issues that we choose to write about.