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Hey all,

I’ve had a stressful week – lots to do and so little time.

Okay, playing on my computer and killing hordes of bad guys didn’t help either but a person should be to have a break now and again!

Erm…What can I show you guys this weeks?!?!

*Runs off to search the net*

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Crooked Rib

Brother Teakster here for another update!

I wonder how many people actually read my updates, just out interest leave me message. It can be about how cool you think I am or a bunch of threats to shut up and get on with the post!!!

On that note – Back to the post!

Soooooooo…..I was busy looking through the web (Okay that was a lie, I was bored and I got tired of looking at YouTube) when I came across the following blog site – Crooked Rib.

Crooked Rib is a project that is currently under way in the land of the Kangaroos. Erm… for the rest of the readers that would be Melbourne, Australia. Yes that’s right – last week it was America and now it’s Australia. Who needs a tour guide when you have me – Okay, I’ll shut up now!

This blog documents the progress of them. A creative collaboration between a group of young, Muslim women and an experienced professional artist.

They are exploring different mediums from street art to Islamic Calligraphy to photography as they attempt to define what it means to be young, Muslim and living in Melbourne.

They will also be holding an exhibition later in the year. So check them out, while I book an appointment with a mental clinic. I think it’s way overdue!

Indonesia May Ban Ahmadiyya Muslim Sect

Islamosphere is abuzz with discussion about a possible ban on Ahmadiyyas and related

Robert Salaam quotes Mike Ghouse-

The real issue is not about who is a Muslim, but it is about the role of a majority in a diverse society. [...] The real question that we need to address is should we let a majority determine what one believes, wears or eats? Can the Majority in the United States do that? Can the majority in Indonesia do that? Should that work in India?

On a different note, indscribe twines Ahmadiyyas and Sunnis, Iraq and Pakistan-

Country, region, religion, sect, followers of different spiritual leaders, they are all baying for each other’s blood. Is it not Iraqi blood? It is in this context that I have quoted the couplets here.

The family of Obaidullah Aleem, a poet born in India, had migrated to Pakistan long back. It was the sectarian clashes in Pakistan that may have prompted him to write these lines.

Ironically, Aleem belonged to the Ahmadiyya sect, that believes in Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiyani as prophet, though their split branch, Lahoris, believe him as a mujaddid or reviver, but both sects were declared un-Islamic in Pakistan.

I admit that I was biased against the sect. But the kind of persecution they have braved, is also unparalleled.

[Image of an Ahmadiyya Mosque: Satyadasa]

Zheng He, Muslim Explorer From The East

From 1405 to 1433, Zheng He led his fleet to voyage to the Western Sea for seven times. The number of ships of his fleet was from 40 to 63 each time, taking many soldiers and sailors on the voyage, with a total party over 27,000 people. Their ships navigated the wide sea area from Ryukyu Islands, the Philippine Islands and Maluku Sea to the Mozambican Channel and the costal areas of South Africa, developing mutual trade, exchanging culture and technologies, communicating traffic on the sea and promoting social and economic development in such countries and areas. The mighty fleet voyaged on the Indian Ocean, not only astonishing the Arabian navigators, but also amazing the Venice businessmen coming and going between Hormuz and Aden, hence providing a new enlightenment to the European navigation. Zheng He’s voyages are 87 years earlier than that of Columbus, 93 years earlier than that of Gama, and 116 years earlier than that of Magellan.

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