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What is the Muslim Bloggers Directory?

The Muslim Bloggers Directory is a categorised collection of links to Muslim blogs, vlogs, and other multimedia channels, with a custom search engine allowing visitors to search through the actual contents of listed sites. It is open to submissions from the public… and it is entirely FREE!

The directory was launched in late 2009 as a means to make Muslim opinion more accessible on the web. During 2+ years of scouring the net, the team had managed to collect over 500 links to blogs and other websites, in their search for interesting and unique content published by Muslims. We were astonished by this achievement, and knew we had to share this amazing resource with the world; thus the idea for the directory was born.

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How do I find blogs that interest me?

There are currently three methods in place to allow users to discover relevant content:

  1. Browse through the categories listed on the home page.
  2. Use the search form at the top of every page to search within the directory itself.
  3. However, the niftiest option by far, is to use the 'Search Blog Contents' form in the left-hand sidebar, as it allows you to search through the actual content of blogs listed on the site (powered by Google Custom Search). Try it out, and see what I mean!

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How do I keep up with the latest additions to the directory?

You can subscribe to our RSS feed, follow us on Twitter, and/ or join our Facebook fan page. All three streams will be updated when new links are added to the directory.

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How do I submit a link?

Only registered users can submit new links to the directory: click here to create an account. Once your e-mail address has been verified, you can then submit as many links as you like via this form. Links will become available to the public once they have been approved by the admin. Please make sure to comply with our Submission Rules, to ensure that your link is approved.


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Why do I need to register?

Firstly, to reduce spam submissions. Secondly, registration allows users to edit their submitted links, once they have been approved by the admin.

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Does it have to be a blog?

The majority of links on the directory are blogs. However, we also have online magazines, vlogs, podcasts, Flickr groups, and much more. Basically, we wish to collect online sources of original Muslim opinion, that have regularly updated content.

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How 'Islamic' should the site be?

"Islamic" is a difficult, and somewhat subjective term to define. Many of the sites listed on the directory are simply personal blogs written by average Muslims, who may not touch on their faith very often. Others sites are entirely devoted to spirituality and the Islamic Sciences. We are quite flexible in that respect. However, what we will not accept are blatantly unIslamic links, for example, those that slander God, Islam, or any of the personalities venerated in Islam; those that contain content unfit for family viewing; sites that promote 'extreme' ideologies, and the like. We request that you use your best judgement before submitting links - and respect our right to use ours when approving them.

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Can I submit the same link to more than one category?

Yes, you can, but due to present limitations of the script, you will have to fill out the submit form twice, selecting a new category the second time round. However, multiple submissions will still need to be approved by the admin, to ensure that the links are correctly categorized. You may find it easier to submit your link to the most relevant category, and then use the "tags" field, to further define your link using relevant keywords.

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What details should I include in the description?

The more information you can cram into the provided space, the better! A summary of the nature, aims, and/or objectives of the website, are usually what we're looking for. You can also add details of where the blogger is based, and use tags to help people find the blog in our search results.

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What is a Reciprocal Link URL? / Why should I promote the directory?

Reciprocal linking is where you agree to place a link to the Muslim Bloggers Directory somewhere on your website, by using the following promotional HTML code.

Muslim Bloggers Directory Blog Button

In exchange for this small favour, the "nofollow" attribute will be removed from your submitted link, which should increase its rank in search engine results. The general idea is that the more our users promote us, the more hits we receive, and thus the higher our own search engine ranking. This will in turn grant us more power to promote the links that we host on your behalf. It's a win-win situation, God-willing!

In order to activate the Reciprocal Link feature, scroll to the submission field titled: "Reciprocal Link URL", and enter the http:// location of the page in which you have inserted the promotional HTML code. You can do this during the initial link submission process, or you can also add the URL later, once your link becomes available for editing.

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Do I need to be the link owner?

No, you can submit links that do not belong to you. For example, you may have a list of favourite blog reads that you wish to share with others. However, we do ask that you do a good job at describing the sites accurately when filling the submission form. It would also help to inform the owners of the submitted link, so that word may spread about this initiative.

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How do I edit or delete a link?

Only the admin, and the registered user who submitted the link can subsequently edit or delete it. Login to your account, open your profile via the "My Profile" link in the header above, and you will see the list of entries that you may manage. Open the entry that you wish to review, and click on "Edit link". When you have finished making your changes, click submit. The changes will only become visible after admin approval.

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How do I claim my link?

If you are the owner of a blog that is listed on the directory, and wish to claim the link in order to make changes to it, click on the "Claim Link" link displayed at the bottom of the relevant entry. Once we have verified your ownership status, we will assign the relevant link to your registered account.

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Why has my link been rejected?

Most likely because it failed to conform to our Submission Rules. We reserve the right to reject any submitted content, or delete any previously approved content, without explanation or notice.

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I wish to report a link.

Please click "Report Link" at the bottom of any entries that you wish to report for broken links, or to notify us of improper content that we may have mistakenly approved.

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What is a "Featured Link"?

A featured link is essentially a sponsored link. For a small fee, your link can be given positions of prominence on the directory website, such as on the sidebar of every page, at the top of the link's category page and at the head of relevant search results. We only ever allow five sponsored links per month, for maximum impact. Please note that sponsored links still need to conform to our Submission Rules. Contact us for more information.

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