Review: Slumdog Millionaire

Apun Ka Desh reviews the much-hyped movie “Slumdog Millionaire” on his blog-

The storyline is quite new, something you haven’t seen in the past – and as most of us know it comes from the book ‘Q n A’ by Mr Vikas Swarup (a indian bureaucrat by profession… have you noticed how many indian bureaucrats especially on foregin postings are writing books these days! No real work to do .. eh?). The acting by small kids is good – they shine compared to their older ‘avatars’ in the movie.

Yeah, i didn’t have too many positives sorry – inspite of the hype.

Now, for the things which i did not like.


Short of Terror? Plant ‘em!

From Islamophobia Watch

On 7 January the Sun’s front page splash, under the headline “Terror Target Sugar“, quoted claims by “anti-terror expert” Glen Jenvey that online Muslim forum was being used by extremists to target leading British Jews in revenge for Israel’s invasion of Gaza.

The Sun subsequently removed the story, which carried the bylines of John Coles and Mike Sullivan, from its website.

The Sun story named Sugar, singer Amy Winehouse, producer Mark Ronson and Labour peer Lord Levy as among those allegedly being targeted by Islamic extremists. It quoted a contributor on the forum called “Abuislam” asking: “Have we got a list of top Jews we can target? Can someone post names and addresses?”

However, in another posting on, it was alleged that Abuislam was in fact Jenvey himself and claimed this had been confirmed from his IP and email addresses. The Bloggerheads website also claimed Jenvey had posted the comment himself.

Museum of Islamic Art

A big welcome to all art freaks and to any random viewer who may have landed on this page by chance.

The following bunch of paragraphs will be trying to fool you in thinking that I know a lot about the world we live in.

Anyways this week, rather than focusing on an artist, I wanted to focus on a building.  However, this build is no ordinary building – heck no!

The new Museum of Islamic Art in Qatar is a truly inspirational project.

The Museum of Islamic Arts (MIA) will provide a stunning environment in which to showcase its extensive store of treasures from across the Islamic world. Designed by I.M. Pei, the Museum will have nearly 5,000 square meters of exhibition space available, in addition to generous education, conservation and presentation areas.

The Museum will in time join forces with four other national museums which will be built in the Doha Harbour area.

The Museum is one of the most important and monumental building projects of its type in the world today. In architectural terms, it is one of the most distinguished modern buildings in the entire Middle East. It is a structure of exceptional quality, designed by one of the most important architects in the world and will house great treasures.

This museum, along with the other museums planned to be constructed in the area, and in the context of the major educational reforms and new university establishments being supported by the Qatari authorities, will transform the State of Qatar into a centre of world-class educational excellence.

Debt Elimination

We’ve all heard time and again that interest and riba are categorically haraam in Islam. Maddeningly though, we often don’t hear a solution to the problem. Everybody knows these things are haraam but practical advice on how to avoid them is very hard to come by. This blog post answers a part of the question; it offers suggestions on eliminating interest-bearing debt quickly.


1. Ask Allah to Forgive You: If you made the mistake of getting into riba (interest) debts, for whatever reason, repent and do your best to get out of it. I didn’t know better myself, and even when I found the ruling out on interest, I justified it to myself, which was wrong (college education). Stop immediately and reverse course on this.  Ask to be forgiven and formulate a new plan of action to deal with this situation.  Take your time with college and life in general – don’t let society force its ridiculous standards on you.

2. Ask Allah to Help You: We underestimate this, but remember that if you try to come closer to Allah, Allah will come closer to you faster, as was mentioned in a hadeeth qudsi. I’ll explain later how this very principle caused my wife and I to pay off all our college debts ($35,000 from me, about $8000 from her) and other lingering debts in 2 months, alhamdulillaah.

3. Financial Discipline: If you don’t have control over yourself, this system will never work. If you can’t control compulsive shopping or spending, no system will work for you. Period. If you have control issues, see a therapist, psychologist / psychiatrist, or a personal coach to help out.

The big factor here is the DD – the bigger it is, the faster your debt gets destroyed.  I placed a modest $200, but honestly, most people living on their own can go a couple of hundred higher and make this happen much faster, and people who are living with their families can create a massive DD of about $900 – $1000 or more and can out can knock debts out very quickly.  Given the state of the economy, although I don’t normally recommend it, if you can live with your folks and work a full-time professional job, then stay with them til all debts are gone.

Read the entire post here.

Generational Change of Barack Obama

Muhammed S. Mehtar at Islam in action-

The majority of Muslims in the United States were pleased to campaign resourcefully and successfully, and remain proud to have been part of sharing in the historic vote for the agent of positive change. President Barack Obama’s ideas invigorated the majority in comparison to his contemporaries. Such sentiments are shared within the US and abroad, be it amongst the allies of the United states or her foes.

President Obama’s energetic approach and his campaign showed great potential, and there is much hope for his promises to be made true. The hope, energy, and overall positivity of his campaign logically demands the support of not just Judeo-Christian minded Americans, but American Muslims in vast numbers as well.  Islam being a religion of change itself and change in comparison to religions that preceded it, Muslims have once again chosen the path of newness and have thus trusted the words of President Barack Obama for a better America and more gentle and reconciliatory world.

Thus, on the national front, the choice of Mr. Obama by Muslims in America is a result of the perception that an Obama choice would result in greater equality and understanding between Muslims and their neighbors. On the international front, an Obama victory signals more peace and security and a smoother working relationship between the US and foreign nations seeking a better and more equitable future for their people.

BBC on the Burner

BBC refused to air request for Gaza aid to “maintain neutrality“.

Masud advises:

You can register your own complain here:

Here is what I wrote:

I wish to complain about the BBC’s decision to not allow the DEC appeal for Gaza to go ahead. This is a very disgraceful decision and will cost lives on the ground. I do not buy the BBC’s official line that it affects its impartiality since this was not a concern for other similar appeals. I can only think that the BBC has succumbed to some external pressure from a foreign government. This is the BRITISH Broadcasting Corporation and as a license fee payer I am angry, annoyed and disgusted at this decision for which there is no conceivable reason. Could you please publish the minutes of the meeting in which this decision was made and why and I would like to know which of the directors/trustees decided against the DEC appeal?

EVERYONE I have spoken to, regardless of their ethnic or religious background, cannot understand this ludicrous and cruel decision, it would seem that the overwhelming majority of the BRITISH public do not agree with you. In fact I think it is safe to say that given this it is the BBC that is currently not acting impartially.

Yours angered, annoyed and disgusted.

Masud A. Khan

YouTube Preview Image

(Video via MR)

All the more reason to support Al Jazeera.