Rules & Guidelines

1) Only one photo may be submitted per entrant, and will be held in a queue before entrance into the photo pool. Deadline for submission is February 29th, 2008.

2) The following information must being submitted with the photo, in order for it to be eligible for the contest:
*Photographer type: Amateur or Professional
*Age group: Kids (10 yrs & under), Youth (11-17 yrs), or Adult (18+ yrs).
*General location: e.g., N.America, S.Asia, Europe, etc.
Please also provide the address of your photo blog and/or other public photo-sharing site, if applicable, so we may add it to our Muslim Artists directory. Additional information about the photo, such as an explanation of the scene, the inspiration behind the subject matter, the type of equipment used, post-processing, etc, would be beneficial for both the viewers and the judges, but is not absolutely required.

3) Only the owner of the original image can submit their work to this competition; plagiarism will not be tolerated, and if discovered, will result in immediate disqualification.

4) The photo should be suitable for “family-viewing”; offensive or obscene content will not be permitted. Though the moderators will do their best to prevent any unsuitable images entering the photo pool, holds no responsibility for its content.

5) By submitting their photo to the contest, the owner gives permission to reproduce it on the main website, on the Flickr group, and on any promotional material associated with the competition. The photo will not be used for any non-competition-related purpose by, without first seeking permission from the owner (unless permission has already been granted via the Creative Commons license).

6) Entrants are also reminded to respect the intellectual property rights of others. However, entrants are also encouraged to register their photo under the Creative Commons license to allow the reasonable use of their work, though this is not a mandatory requirement for entering the contest.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the competition: editor [at] ijtema [dot] net

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