Condemn This!

Izzy Mo resolves in the new year that she’s not going to apologize for wrongs others do.

Sometimes, we are so quick to condemn something before we get all the facts. [...] This was the case with Aqsa Parvez, may God bless her. Muslim organizations came out to condemn it [...] when the facts began to surface, Aqsas father was an abusive man whose murder of his daughter had nothing to do with hijab (especially since her sisters dont observe hijab).

Pornography Addiction Among Muslims

This has to be one of the best blog entries i have read to date, mashallah – and the cheeky blighters at Muslim Matters didn’t even write it! MUST MUST MUST read it, because even if Allah has been merciful enough to spare you this affliction, you will still find the stories and advice therein applicable to the habitual sins you are having problems with. Yes, you! We all habitually sin, but how many of us try to fight the urge?

Pornography Addiction Among Muslims (Stories & Tips)