Muslim Heritage Images

Muslim Heritage Images is a new site which claims to be the “leading online library of the images related to Muslims and their contributions to civilization and technology”, with the “largest and most comprehensive archive of digital media on all aspects of Muslim Heritage”.

Should prove an exciting and invaluable resource for anyone with an interest in Islamic Art, Civilization and History, inshallah.

The beauty of Islam

The Beauty if Islam is the result of a four year research of the myths and cultures of the Islamic world. It’s about city-planning, courtyards with fountains, space and light. Through the pictures Linnea Sellersjö would like to bring forward true beauty. To show a new side, or a different side, of Islam that has not been predominate in media lately. Linnea asks as to think about the state of culture in our western world at the same time as most of these buildings first saw light. Linnea would like to show us that the Islamic culture has much more to offer than fundamentalists and suicide bombers. She wants her The Beauty of Islam project to be an experience of total loveliness.

David Carison talks about the project.