Eytan Tiryaki


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Okay for this week artist, I have chosen another Calligrapher.  Since I haven’t highlighted enough female artists here, I thought I would change that.

So the Calligrapher I have chosen is Eytan Tiryaki.

Eytan Tiryaki was born in Ordu, Turkey, in 1961.She graduated from Ankara University’s Theology Faculty with a Masters degree in 1983.

She started her art studies in her school days, and pursued them in Istanbul. She started to take calligraphy lessons from master calligrapher Hasan Çelebi in 1983, and obtained her Ijaza- certificate which described her as “the first woman of calligraphy”.

She has participated in many exhibitions in Turkey and abroad. Eytan has studied English and Arabic. After working as a teacher in Qur’an courses under Üsküdar and Ümraniye Department of Religious Affairs, she retired in 2004.

She continues to teach calligraphy and illuniation courses, and has organised an exhibition with her students in Altunizade Cultural Centre in 2004.

Take time and look at her website.  There is a lot of great stuff there.

Jamil Arts


Salaams and peace to one and all!!!

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As for my artist for the week, I thought I would break off from last weeks theme of traditional calligraphers and pick a more modern artist.

So the artist I have chosen for this week is Jamil Ahmed

On seeing his artwork for the first time, many people who cannot read Arabic and who know little or nothing about Islam or Islamic art, are profoundly touched by it and amazed when the text of an artwork is explained to them. Some people find his work spiritually very uplifting, while others have commented on its immense beauty at first glance. His work has a touch of classic Islamic calligraphy fused with contemporary styles and goes far beyond the decorative inscriptions of the past.

Much of his work is derived from the Sacred Quranic text. It is his conviction that Islamic art can help towards bridging misunderstanding about Islam and he is delighted to be a part of that bridging process.

He founded the website called jamilarts.com, which he uses as a brand name to promote his work. Jamil in Arabic means Beautiful, firstly its his name, and its more befitting for describing the work of art he produces and rightly so the theme of jamilarts – to produce beautiful looking artwork.

Sacred Street Art

This video gave me chills… inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi rajiun.

A powerful account of the graffiti mural created in the Bronx New York, a memorial for Mougasa and Soumare families, many of whom died in an apartment block fire in March 2007.

Graffiti artist Mohammed Ali, from the UK works alongside the local Bronx community to create a tribute to the family.

Hat tip to MR.

Mad Mentors


Salaams, peace and a big welcome to everyone!

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Sooo..something to show you this week!

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Okaytry this site for size – MAD MENTORS

Mad Mentors is a new organisation to connect the creative communities of Media, Art and Design (hence the name MAD) through events and initiatives, linking circles of professionals and contacts.

There primary focus is on mentoring young people through this MAD world.

Hahahahaha Did you see the funny joke I try to make?! Yeah it was VERY lame!!!

So anyways, Mad Mentors will help support and guide you to make informed careers choices, in media, art and design. You will gain the benefit of first hand expertise in your MAD area, through one to one mentoring.

For more information, check out their site!

Izzy Art

Hey guys,

You know it kind of tough picking stuff to highlight as there is a lot of great stuff out there. Nor do I want to be in the position where I run out of things to talk about!

Anyways, this week I want to highlight Izzy Mo Deigns.

On her site you will find an online collection of vibrant and eclectic works of art ranging from landscape paintings and Arabic calligraphy to hand-made decorative boxes and greeting cards.

Discover Islamic Art

A Collection of Islamic Art, by Izzy Mo

It’s time that Muslim artists and Islamic Art, got the serious big up on Ijtema, so here are a few links to that effect.

Discover Islamic Art via the Museum With No Frontiers:

Museum With No Frontiers (MWNF) is an organisation whose ground-breaking and visionary programme aims to establish a vast trans-national museum that presents works of art, architecture and archaeology in the context in which they were created. Inspired by the principle of organising exhibitions without moving the works of art, MWNF is creating through modern technology an exciting new dimension to museums. The visitor is invited to experience a museum not only as a place to admire artefacts on display but also as a gateway to related works of art in other museums, relevant archaeological sites and monuments as well as to thematic visits.

The Victoria & Albert Museum also has an educational microsite dedicated to its own Islamic Art exhibit.

Lastly, but definitely not least-ly, check out the blog of the Islamic Artists Society, which provides regular updates about the work of contemporary Muslim artists, as well as a bevy of links to other sites of interest.

Please feel free to name drop other blogs/websites that deal with this subject, in the comments field, below.

Islam Tube

The following sites specialize in Islamic video content, and like YouTube, allow you to share your own videos with the world:

If you know of any other useful sites, please leave the address in the comments section of this entry.

Recommended by Ijtema readers: FaithTube.com

New to the scene: Halal Tube - Jazakallah to Muslim Matters for the tip!