The Qualities, Etiquettes, and Duties of Friendship

Radiant Light completes her five-part series on Friendship, derived from the wisdom of Imam Ghazzali rahmatullahi’alayh and his book, “The Beginning of Guidance”.

Men Are Of Three Categories:
One is like food from which no one can be independent.
Another is like medicine which is needed sometimes but not always.
A third man is like a disease which is never needed but with which man is sometimes afflicted.
This man is he in whom there is neither sociability nor benefit.
Kind treatment of him is necessary so as to escape from him. In seeing him, there is great benefit, provided you are helped by Allah (SWT) to obtain it.
The benefit is that you perceive some of his wickedness and bad deeds and so you avoid them.
Fortunate is he, who is admonished by others; A believer in Allah (SWT) (al-mumin) is like a mirror of another believer.

Part One, Part Two, and Part Three highlight the qualities of friendship, Part Four relates the tasks concerning one’s friends, while Part Five describes the duties of friendship.

Radf expands on the topic of friendship with some wisdom from Shaikh Faraz Rabbani.

Proper companionship with ones friends is through:

[1] Remaining constantly cheerful

[2] Doing the good

[3] Spreading mention of their virtues