Are You Still Single?

If so, Shaikh Yaser Birjas invites you to join the Marriage Revolution! Watch the video for more info.

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The Women Without Identities

Achelois writes about the case of those South Asian women who marry young into wealthy families in the Gulf, and how they lose their past and their identities in the process. She compares this to those men who marry Western women, and how the cultures vary considerably.

I feel sorry for these women because they have lost their identity. That is something that to me would be very painful. To come to a strange land where your husband lives with his very large family who speak in a language you are totally clueless about can be very daunting. Your in-laws will speak in that language with your co-wife while you sit looking at them blankly.

What does your driving style say about you?

Many things. But did you know that it could be used to form an opinion as to what sort of future spouse you could be? Here is what brother Hammad has to say,

” the ways you can find out about a prospective spouse is by the way he/she drives. That struck real cord with me because I notice how driving has so many similarities with our real life interactions with our surroundings…”

Read this, and more helpful advice, at “Lessons from the road”.

After Prayer

Safiyyah writes of the pleas of a reverted Muslimah after prayer.

She looked up and heard the voice again. “Sisters, I need to ask you something if you don’t mind.” It was the woman with the frail voice, a convert, new to the Muslim community. She was extremely tall and gaunt. Her face had a pale, sickly quality to it, and the way she held herself suggested emotional and not just physical fragility.

Janaza Alert

Sister Habiba talks about death, and shares a letter from her brother that truly makes you stop and think:

Last Saturday (8/18) was just a regular old Saturday for me. I went to halaqah at the Masjid and there was a young couple getting married after asr. The sister was all done up in mendhi and the nikkah went as one would expect. Her walima was on the following Sunday. On Tuesday she went with a friend to the airport to drop off this friend. On her way back, for circumstances not yet known, her car flipped upside down and a passer by called 911 and told them that there is an upside down car. The sister was rushed to the hospital and entered into a coma. She died on Wednesday and was buried within hours of her death (these muslims here in KC down waste any time in putting you in the ground). The color from her bridal mendi hadn’t even faded off of her hands yet.

Pornography Addiction Among Muslims

This has to be one of the best blog entries i have read to date, mashallah – and the cheeky blighters at Muslim Matters didn’t even write it! MUST MUST MUST read it, because even if Allah has been merciful enough to spare you this affliction, you will still find the stories and advice therein applicable to the habitual sins you are having problems with. Yes, you! We all habitually sin, but how many of us try to fight the urge?

Pornography Addiction Among Muslims (Stories & Tips)

A Wealth-Generating Institution?

According to the Economist and against popular Western opinion, marriage actually generates wealth for a family. Shahtaj Siddiqui discusses at Muslamics.

From an Islamic perspective, one can plainly see the wisdom in practices such as not dating, and choosing a spouse who is better suited for the long-run (economically, socially, mentally, physically, etc.) than falling for the stereotypical “love-at-first-sight.’ I don’t believe that Islamic practices need ever be corroborated by outside sources, but having quick statistics (like the above) that are easy to understand is quite convenient, especially when having to explain, “What? Muslims don’t date?”