Michael Jackson Converts to Islam

And it’s news!

Micheal Jackson, the King of Pop music has embraced Islam at a ceremony attended by Yusuf Islam a.k.a. Cat Stevens, another superstar who has become one of the best Da’ee’s @ Callers to Islam since he himself became a Muslim many years back.

He has chosen the name of the Angel of Allah, Mika’el Alaihis Salam as his Muslim name. The similarity of the Christian name of Michael to Mikaeel could also be a reason why?

He declined to use the name of Mustafa @ the Chosen One when offered to him by his Muslim friends who were there when the occasion took place.

Political Song, Mendacious Pastors, and a Lurid Murder

The controversial song:

In 1992, and following Lockerbie case, the Security Council released its verdict that prevented Libyan airplanes from leaving Libya, and prevented all world countries from allowing Libyan airplanes to land on their airports, Libya requested its flights to Saudi Arabia for Hajj to be excused from the siege, but the former Saudi King Fahd , at that time, did not accept Libyan planes in his country, obeying the instructions of security council, thus Libyans got mad at king Fahd, Libyan media responded to what had been considered as the coward move, by a huge criticizing campaign, and as a part of this national reaction, Libyan famous poet “Ali Al Kilani” wrote the song “who dare to say”, and proposed the new comer Tunisian singer (Thekra) for it.
Thekra, who was at that time in the beginning of building her career in Libya, did her best and performed the song in a very demonstrative way, the song was very strong and harsh, it demonstrates King Fahd as a thief, alcoholic, oppressive, and holds the presence of the American armada in the holy land against him, the song was aired on Libyan TV, as a video clip, dozens of times, and millions of Libyans saw it, but it didnít go beyond, as yet Libyan TV was not on satellite.
anyhow, the song took its time, and disappeared as the issue ended, but recently after Thekra’s dead, somehow this song found its way to the internet, Arabs found themselves dealing with a strange song that they don’t completely understand, as it is in Libyan accent, they didn’t know from where it came, or in which circumstances it was made, some assume its Thekra’s last song, others say its not Thekra who is singing, some people claim they saw it once on Tunisian TV (which is diffidently false), and others think it is some personal issue between Thekra and Saudis, thus they keep posting the question “why was SHE prevented from performing hajj?”, and as well, rumors and speculations keep coming and snowballing, , (see the list of links at the bottom of this post), it is amazing how Arabs can base stories on the claims and rumors that they themselves have already created!, but what is really shocking and very disturbing , and the reason why I am writing this post in the first place, is the connection some liars try to create between the song and Christianity.

More pictures and video of the song, by CNN Libya.

Music to My Ear?

Music is always a very controversial topic in Islam, argues Haitham Al-Haddad at MuslimMatters. His is an opinion against Music in general, except under certain circumstances. You agree with him or not, it’s worth a check.

Many of the ideas and concepts remonstrated by those who argue viewpoints similar to Sami’s are neither substantiated nor adhere to Islamic principles.