Reaching Not-so-Practicing Muslims

Dawood Israel

I for one sincerely believe that the practicing Muslims have a responsibility to understand how the non-practicing Muslim mind works. They know how a non-practicing Muslim thinks because they have all at some point or another been there. And it is your duty to guide them to becoming stronger Muslims.

If you are GENUINE in wanting to guide them then consider the following:

Struggling Against Homosexuality

Brother Ayub shares the story of his personal jihad against his homosexual desires:

I am telling my story because I found a different path. I am an American man who through Allah’s grace was able to loosen the grip of same-sex attractions and find my way out of the homosexual lifestyle.

I did this by embracing Islam.

Jazakallah to Eye on Gay Muslims for posting the link.

Making Power Moves

Brother Saad writes about internalizing our criticism and advising people in a respectful manner.

I like what Imam Ghazali said “the hypocrite looks for faults, the believer looks for excuses. Another important thing which i wanted to say is don’t cut off ties by becoming more on the deen. Show people that you don’t take practice in haram practices but let em know you will be there to help them, because this in reaction can bring them closer to the deen, Inshallah, and even people who you might think are bad, you will learn something from them, remember the worst state a person can be in is when he has confirmed that he has reached his highest potential in life.

“They try and act all religious!”

Homayra of the Shepherd’s Path writes of our aversion to advice, particularly when that advice pertains to our akhirah.

If you were to see a house on fire, would you stand there calmly, with a smile on your face saying “Excuse me, please leave the premises, you see the house is on fire…um excuse me…?” Would you? No. Not at all, I can guarantee you, you won’t be thinking about the expression dwelling on your face, you won’t be thinking about the hoarse throat you’ll have tomorrow from all your screaming.

Protect your Dignity

An Islamic perspective on Facebook, with advice on keeping our secrets.

The Messenger of Allah (??? ???? ???? ????) said: “My entire nation is safe, except al-Mujahirin (those who boast of their sins). Among the Mujaharah is that a man commits an (evil) act, and wakes up in the morning while Allah has kept his (sin) a secret, he says: “O so-and-so! Last night I did this and that.” He goes to sleep while Allah has kept his (sin) a secret but he wakes up in the morning and uncovers what Allah has kept a secret!” [Saheeh al-Bukhari]

Pornography Addiction Among Muslims

This has to be one of the best blog entries i have read to date, mashallah – and the cheeky blighters at Muslim Matters didn’t even write it! MUST MUST MUST read it, because even if Allah has been merciful enough to spare you this affliction, you will still find the stories and advice therein applicable to the habitual sins you are having problems with. Yes, you! We all habitually sin, but how many of us try to fight the urge?

Pornography Addiction Among Muslims (Stories & Tips)