Ramadan Mubarak and Ijtema Updates

As-Salamu Alaikum dear readers

As you have noticed, IJTEMA has been silent for the past half year or so. However, as promised, we had been working behind the scene on our next service. It derives from the same IJTEMA philosophy- sharing good content.

In preparation for the forthcoming launch of our latest service, we launched a new Facebook page, and Twitter stream.

To find out more, please stay tuned on Facebook and Twitter. If enough of you join the fan page on Facebook, we can register for a decent shortcut (i.e., facebook.com/ijtema). So please become a fan NOW!

We shall make the final announcements very soon, inshaAllah.

Please remember IJTEMA and the whole Ummah in your Du’a in this blessed month.

Helping the Ummah, Bit by Bit

We feel angry and frustrated about the problems that the Ummah faces, and often complain about them. Nobody listens, which leads to yet more frustration.

But to complain alone is a mistake. To solve a problem, we must not stop at pointing it out. Rather, we should offer a solution and work on it. Thus the following is a humble attempt at offering such a solution, based on the advice found within the Qur’an and Sunnah.

The future of the Ummah? [Source: dlemieux]

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A Millenia of Science

The Earth was at the center of the universe. The movement of the stars above the moon decided the fate of the world below. This was the science of Aristotle.

The scholars of the new Islamic empire, established when the Roman Empire had given way to the Christian Byzantines, began to translate Greek books. They were astonished by the originality of the Greek sciences in measuring and determining the orbit of the stars. Whereas the Christians of that era had been extremely suspicious of such “pagan” texts, the Caliphate had been continuously absorbing books and sciences from Greece, Rome, Persia, India and else where, since the early days of its inception. During this time, the Greek sciences were subject to criticism and development; a process especially highlighted when they became difficult to reconcile with religion.

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Men of Submission

What does “Blind Faith” really mean?

Muslimology analyzes the meaning of “Submission” and how it applies to our day-to-day affairs.

“…often there are times in our religion where we do not understand what is being told to us and we question it. We forget that we made a sacred bond, a covenant with Allah to submit and the Divine purpose behind ‘whatever it is we may not agree with’ may simply be to test our submission and loyalty. Is this not then the essence of submission–of Islam?”

cosmos, a.k.a. everything that exists anywhere

However poetic it might sound in my ears, it was once very much hated by Einstein, which he ended up (famously) mocked as “spooky action at a distance” – spukhafte Fernwirkung.

Why so?

Because there exists the principle of locality. Which says that distant objects cannot have direct influence on one another: an object is influenced directly only by its immediate surroundings. Which Albert Einstein himself ardently described in his article “Quantum Mechanics and Reality” (“Quanten-Mechanik und Wirklichkeit”, Dialectica 2:320-324, 1948):

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