Eid Greetings!

The Ijtema.net team wish our readers a wonderful Eid! May Allah accept our good deeds, Ameen.

And just to help you keep up the Ramadan spirit all year round, insha’Allah, check out this awesome series of short posts on how to realise the true beauty of Salat. Eleven posts on, and I think it’s still being updated! Subhanallah.

Dua Power! Prayers for Ramadan & Happiness

I am surprised that we have yet to plug DuaPower.com on Ijtema… but alhamdulillah, here we go!

Here at DuaPower.com, we strive to bring to you without any compromise the best, well known and authentic duas you can ever find. Using the latest technology, to show you the beauty of reading, memorising and using these divine supplications.

At the moment, they have two dua packs available for free download & dissemination:

Gate of ar-Rayyan – a pamphlet with all of the duas from the authentic Sunnah for Ramadan.

Muslim Prayers of Happiness – a pamphlet of all the duas from the authentic Sunnah for times of distress, sorrow and anxiety.

Ramadan: A Time To Let Go

Ameera of Between Dusk and Dawn… reflects on her personal attempts at Tazkiya (purification of the soul), during the blessed month of Ramadan:

If I can be happy and comfortable without flipping through movie channels and serials (that have little practical good in them) in this month, then why not the rest of the year? Why give in to the false notion of I need this kind of (switch-your-brain-off-and-laugh-yourselves-to-death) entertainment to be culturally educated and informed! or I need this to stay happy!”

Organic Muslimah also asks a similar question: Why only in Ramadan?

The Cutest Thing You’ll Read Today – Guaranteed!

This entry is so sweet, mashallah, it almost broke my fast!

My routine was broken and I’ll admit I felt jostled out of my calm. Would he ruin it? Would I have to attend to him and thus be unable to fully attend to my own needs? Selfishness was creeping up in me, as he climbed up on my lap.

Muslimahs, Get Out Of The Kitchen!

A sisterly reminder for the Muslimahs to make the most of their Ramadan – preferably outside of the kitchen.

It is undeniable that a lot of women are, because of this misplaced notion of womens role in religion, inevitably left with very few, if any, opportunities to maximize their rewards during Ramadan. But equally, some of us have no one but our self to blame. A lot of us do have the resources, the time and the chance to engage in these activities but yet we consider it wiser to de-prioritise them, and instead waste this unique month, by intentional choice, in either free reign shopping, just for the sake of it socializing or grandiose cooking, and in the process, defeating the whole concept behind fasting in the first place (that of controlling ones worldly desires).

I’d like to add that some families place this burden on their women, as they feel Ramadan isn’t complete without the mega-iftaris. Breaking the fast with friends and family is highly rewarding and recommended, but don’t overwhelm the sister by expecting her to cook five different dishes for thirty people, single-handedly. So please, if you’re not responsible for cooking the meals, use some common sense, and also lend a hand in the kitchen to get the most reward, inshallah.

Ramadan Roundup

Adib has Ramadan Lectures.

Darvish has 30 Ramadan Prayers for every day of Ramadan.

Ramadan and Empathy- altMuslim.

SunniPath announces some events during Ramadan.

Suhaib Webb has a series of ramadan lecture videos (click for part 1). Part 2 and part 3.

Ramadan is a time of intrusion, thinks Abdur Rahman.

Last but not the least, MuslimMatters has ramadan titbits. They also have some details about moonsighting.