Vaseem Mohammed


Sorry, Sorry, Sorry, Sorry….I know this post is a day late – I kind of lost track of time!

On that note, I going to cut to the chase.  The artist I have chosen for this week is Vaseem Mohammed.

Vaseem has always been interested in the shapes, textures and atmospheres of his urban childhood. After access courses in Art & Design, Graphics and Creative Computing & Illustration, he freelanced in graphic design and furniture renovation with Islamic inspired decoration, through which he found his niche in fine art, his field for the past 11 years.

After 4 years at Spitalfields market in east London, Vaseem opened his own gallery in the creative hub of Cheshire Street in London, and continues to regularly exhibit his work.

Vaseem’s most distinctive feature appears to be his childhood appreciation of form, colour, and texture. Additionally, there appears to be a recurring symbolism of juxtaposition- archaic eastern architecture and Islamic calligraphy from past eras, confronts modernist, western abstract style of painting; the rich beauty of the natural world through vibrant opalescent colours and awing space, contrasted against the deterioration and irresponsibility of humanity’s world.

Go to his website to see more of his work.

Art in Wood


Salaams, peace and pizza everyone.

Erm�I mean�I have pizza and pie to share with everyone.� On that note, who wants some?!

Anyways, while you guys chomp on the goodies, let me tell you about this week�s artist.� I thought I would pick something different this week, so I have chosen the site Art in Wood.

The website is a portfolio of unique works in wood by artist craftsman Grant Birse.

Through his creative expression he strives to awaken and awake the essential present in a hidden state within all things.�

To be honest, that was too deep for me to understand.� Basically it means�. he like to get wood and create a range of work, ranging from fine furniture to sculpture and carvings.

Check out the stuff in his gallery � Its mind blowing!!!!

Art Of Islamic Patterns


Hey loyal readers,

You know I feel tired, hungry and sleepy. Whoever said that working life is fun- needs to be shot!

Anyways you’re not here to listen to me moan, so let me find an artist for you guys to check.

Wellsince I havent picked anyone from England recently, Id say thats a good place to start. On that note, anyone up for some fine English tea?!

Someone who grabbed my attention recently was Adam Williamson.

Adam Williamson is a practicing artist in many mediums. He has been commissioned by many people, such as Oxford University and currently undertaking a large piece for the Shakespeares Globe London.

Adam has travelled around the globe working with artists on Mount Athos, Greece, in France, Spain, Morocco and Turkey. He was the subject of a documentary when he travelled to Malaysia and Indonesia looking at the woodcarving in that area.

He is also a seasonal lecturer at Birkbeck College, and has taught in schools and museums across London. Following a placement as artist in residence at the Princes Foundation, Adam now works from his studio in Hackney wick.

Now wasnt that an interesting read!!!!