What does One Sister have to say?

Sticking with the “sisters” theme, a reminder that there are only a few days left of Halfdate.com’s latest drive:

Before the end of Jumada Ath-thani, 1429 (June 8th, 2008), please help Sister Linda (Widad) Delgado, who runs the one-sister-show of Muslim Writers Publishing, to help teachers by publishing five teacher study guides (TSG).

You are not helping a lazy dude who opt to beg, NO, this sister didn’t ask for help, but the community recommeded HalfDate to help her. She had TWO HEART ATTACKS, yet, ma-sha-Allah still serving our community and doesn’t want the focus to be on her.

If you contribute between May 24 to May 31, LivingHalal.com will match $1 for $1 towards this cause.

The Accident

A most moving account of an accident in school.

Abdul-Rahim’s heartbeat thumps against my body. It moves so quickly that I am afraid. I want to distract him, to amuse him. I switch to Urdu. There is very little that I can say in Urdu which is not related to food or classroom management. I wrack my brain. “Tum mere dost ho,” I sing to him. “Tum mere dost ho, billi k gosht ho.”