Love in a Headscarf. A book by Shelina Zahra Janmohamed

This book got a warm recommendation by one of the biggest Danish news papers.

Shelina Zahra Janmohamed blogs at spirit21, and she is the winner of brass crescent awards for best blog and best female blog.She writes:

I took the book to a number of publishers whose commissioning editors loved the story, but couldn’t see it fitting with the existing mould of books about Muslim women. “We need an ‘alias’ of a book that is already out there so people understand how it relates to previous books,” they explained, meaning it should be either a forced marriage story or one of escape from Islam.

With such black and white views about the stories that Muslim women are permitted to tell, how can it ever be possible to create an understanding of our diversity and complexity?

I hope my book brings a fresh perspective to the discussion about Muslim women. But there is a serious question to be asked – will it provoke the Muslim community to look into itself and wonder why these lazy stereotypes exist? Sometimes as Muslims we lack an intellectual honesty about ourselves, and are not brave enough to tell our stories as human beings on a journey, with all our flaws. If publishers are guilty of monolithic misery memoirs, then Muslims must also take some of the blame for not sharing our universal experiences in a language and context that everyone can relate to.

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Emerald Art Competition

Hey everyone,

Big thanks to everyone who reads my rubbish. Its good to know that I give something nice to read about. Actually, let me know where you guys are from. The furthest place I heard was Australia. I wonder if any of you guys can beat that and let me know if you come from anywhere interesting?!

Anyways, back to my post.!!!

Okay, now for something a little bit different. In the UK there is a social network by the name of Emerald Network. Their vision is to enable Muslims to enhance their ‘Muslim network’ for their own benefit – whether that may be social or business purposes.

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The Writing’s on the Wall: Feed the Poor

Aerosol Arabic is the artwork of artist Mohammad Ali of Birmingham, UK. They have just been putting on the finishing touches to the “Feed the Poor” wall in the Aldi Car Park, Stratford Road, Sparkhill. The final results, and all the steps leading to the complete “Feed the Poor” mural, have been put up on the Aerosol Arabic blog.

42-Day Detention

Hamza Andreas on UK government’s proposal that “suspects” in terrorism can be held without charge for up to 42 days:

By voting for these measures, it has illustrated fundamental deficiencies in the political system in Britain. Furthermore, added to the creation by politicians, the media and security services of a ‘suspect’ community, these measures further push Britain’s security system into a kind of ‘Liberal Inquistion’.