Art Imitating Life

New kid on the blogs, Tariq H, is author of the Untitled Story Project; a story about the potential causes behind the current Middle East conflict.

From Part 1:

The men wore matching black kufis but they dressed entirely differently. As they walked through the streets, random denizens would greet them with a “As salaam alaikum.” They would respond and move on with an occasional handshake. That’s how it was for the brothers with the kufis.

From Part 2:

Kamal had no time to argue or fight for justice, he was late. He hurried to the military compound frequently checking his wristwatch. This job had been a blessing for him and his family. He couldn’t afford to lose it over a few corrupt cops. He was in such a rush to get this ordeal over with, he failed to realize that his car was slightly heavier than before. Actually, he did realize it, just as he approached the military complex, but figured he would check it out during the inspection. As he drove past the security, he looked at his wristwatch one last time which had stopped moving, but he continued to hear some ticking.

Saddam on moon?

Today I believe that I know the reason why Saddam was executed, I know this for a fact and no one can argue with it. The reason is that his lawyers were dumb, this theory of mine is strongly supported by evidence, a video, to be exact, of Saddam’s lawyer Khalil Al-Dulaimi talking on the LBC claiming that Saddams picture appeared on the moon the same day he was executed.

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Slavery in Islam vs. Slavery in the U.S.

Now, let us compare Western slavery to slavery in Islam; when and how is it allowed to exist. Really, there is nothing for us to be ashamed of as Muslims when it comes to the Islamic concept of slavery. Slavery is essentially Islam’s very humane way of dealing with prisoners of war. To quote Br. Nouman Ali Khan on how different societies deal with prisoners of war, “America has Abu Ghurayb and Islam has slavery.? And, of course, I am sure we are all familiar with the way in which a Muslim is commanded to treat his slave, that we are to “feed our slaves with what we feed ourselves? and “clothe our slaves with what we clothe ourselves?; not to mention all the virtues in Islam associated with freeing a slave. Compare this most excellent system with Western slavery, both past and present. There is no comparison. Compare our humane methodology for dealing with POW’s with the West’s Abu Ghurayb and Guantanamo Bay. There is no comparison whatsoever. Walhamdulillah.

Ahmad AlFarsi makes the comparison at