Ahmadinejad’s reply to an American Mom

Respectable lady
We respect all people of the world- including the American people. We think highly of all human’s life, dignity, reputation and also their properties. Our religion – Islam- does not allow us to disturb the peace and tranquility of human beings. Even those Iranian mothers who have lost their children due to American atrocities in Iran or those children, who their parents have been martyred, do not concur that the American people be immolated for the wrong-headedness and arrogance of their Statesmen. Even the Iranian girls and boys, who have lost all their family members in U.S. warship attack against Iranian passenger airplane in Persian Gulf, do not assent that Iran initiates any war. For eight years, we defended ourselves against all-out invasion of Saddam who was supported by the world powers. And any type of weaponry, intelligence and supplies that he needed was provided to him immediately. Our people were not even safe from Saddam’s chemical bombs. When the green light was given to Saddam by the big powers – including U.S. government – he tested the most lethal chemical weapons – produced in the west – on the innocent people of Iran.

Rarely does a President of a country reply to emails but Ahmadinejad is an exception. Read more here